Law and Religion

The Immanent Frame: An insightful blog on issues pertaining to the increasingly public role of religion and religious groups today.

ICLARS: International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies 

Religion and Diversity Project: A 7 year research project funded by the SSHRC and housed at teh University of Ottawa, focusing on religious diversity in Canada

RELIGARE: Interdisciplinary project on religious pluralism in Europe

RELMIN: A project devoted to the study of religious minorities in the Euro-Mediterranea world (5th-15th centuries).

Contending Modernities: A blog about Catholic, Muslim and Secular interaction in the modern world.

ReligiousLeftLaw: bringing progressives from different faiths to discuss religion, law, and politics/culture.

Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory Univesity, USA.

Osgoode Colloquium on Law, Religion & Social Thought, York University, Canada.

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