Oxford Islamic Legal Studies Series

Satisfying the growing interest in Islam and Islamic law, the Oxford Islamic Legal Studies series speaks to both specialists and those interested in the study of a legal tradition that shapes lives and societies across the globe. Islamic law operates at several levels. It shapes private decision making, binds communities, and it is also imposed by states as domestic positive law. The series features innovative and interdisciplinary studies that explore Islamic law as it operates at each of these levels. The series also sheds new light on the history and jurisprudence of Islamic law and provides for a richer understanding of the state of Islamic law in the contemporary Muslim world, including parts of the world where Muslims are minorities.

Series Editors

Anver M. Emon, University of Toronto Faculty of Law (Canada)

Clark B. Lombardi, University of Washington Law School, Seattle (USA)

Lynn Welchman, School of Oriental and African Studies (UK)

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